In just four short days, my debut novel (and first NaNoWriMo winner)
will be released into the wild!

It’s a short, young adult, science fiction novel that deals with artificial intelligence versus humanity, right versus wrong, and standing up for yourself against the odds.

And to be completely honest, I am beyond nervous.

Publishing this book has been my primary goal for so long now, I fear once it’s out there in the world, for better or worse, I’ll be left empty. It’s my book baby, my heart and soul, the culmination of everything I grew up hoping I could accomplish. It has been my book for four years, and it’s about to be out there for you.

That’s terrifyingly cool.

I am proud to have brought a story this far, and whether it becomes a best-seller or falls completely flat, it’s done.

It’s finally happening.

Without further ado, may I please introduce to you the forthcoming novel, SCINTILLA.

AVAILABLE 3.3.2018

IN PRINT (left) and ON KINDLE (right)

PRE-ORDER THE KINDLE VERSION (& bookmark for print release!)

Now to finish my next novel!


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Writer, blogger, wife, and mom from Central Texas. Lover of all things geeky, sugary, and caffeinated. And pandas. Especially pandas.

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