Scintilla by Gretchen Dyson

In just four short days, my debut novel (and first NaNoWriMo winner) will be released into the wild! It’s a short, young adult, science fiction novel that deals with artificial intelligence versus humanity, right versus wrong, and standing up for yourself against the odds. And to be completely honest, I am beyond nervous. Publishing this […]

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Prompt Plan

I’ve been having a bit of trouble deciding what to do with this blog. I see so many blogs by wonderful people who seem to have it all together, people who just know what the ultimate goal is for their personal-sized soapbox and run with it. Blogs with purpose. But I have no idea. Or […]

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Obligatory Introductory Post

Hi there. /wave I figure any halfway decent blog should include an introduction about who is the man (or in this case, woman) behind the curtain, so here’s mine! I’m a 20-something-year-old female from the giant state of Texas and I’m hoping this blog might be something that will keep me writing. Seeing as the […]

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