Scintilla by Gretchen Dyson

By Gretchen Dyson

Everyone knows that brains aren’t supposed to be made of wires, so when Gemma Legere comes face to artificial face with some all-too-human-looking bots, her view of the world is unhinged. In SCINTILLA, Gemma is no stranger to the world of robotics, having spent much of her energy rebelling against the company that created a monopoly on even the most basic bots for daily living. But when she discovers the Dyers Corporation is sneaking perfectly blended androids into society right under the public’s nose, Gem teams up with a well-funded and enthusiastic group of rebels who aim to dismantle Dyers from the inside. Among the members are Hera and Trystan, two individuals with secrets that could make or break the entire operation.

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Part One

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