Tips & Tricks: Part Three

Part Three: What to Expect from Sharing Your Work

This post is part of a series. Part One discussed 5 Ways to Approach a Writing Prompt and Part Two discusses 3 Ways to Use Your Prompt Response. These are all dynamic posts and subject to periodic updates. Additionally, this post may contain affiliate links.

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The most common result from sharing your work is zero attention. This can be disheartening, but bear in mind you’re asking the world to read your work, which is among billions of other works. There’s so much noise and it can be tricky for readers to pick yours out of the crowd.

To combat this, writers must become more than just the elusive world-builder. You must dive into the world of marketing, familiarize yourself with readers’ current interests, and make use of the many available channels to attract your desired audience. Some authors use Pinterest, others use Twitter, still others depend on local news outlets.

There is a variety of ways to draw readers in, but they require some legwork.


My decision to start this blog was inspired by several other bloggers I follow, inlcuding Making Sense of Cents and Drink Coffee and Prosper. While I have no expectations for my blog to become as wildly successful as theirs seem to be, I am eternally grateful to have read from people I admire that it’s better to try to realize your dreams instead of spending time wondering what if, and I hope this does exactly that for someone else.

I’ve never felt particularly proud of my writing, but I wholeheartedly believe that more will come from sharing it with others than from yellowing pages in a box.


The goal is always to keep writing. Write write write. If it starts to feel like an obligation, take a break, but come back when you’re refreshed and keep going.

Your story needs to be told, even if it’s only to yourself.

While your current project might not work out, maybe the next one will. Or the next one. It’s impossible to know if something you write will be the piece that meets your goals, especially if it remains unwritten.

Have some writing tips & tricks you’d like to share or see discussed in future posts? Let me know in the comments! And be sure to check out our other Tips & Tricks articles:

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