It has now been almost a full year since I’ve posted a writing prompt here, but it feels like much less time has passed.

This has been a very busy year as my husband and I welcomed our baby boy! It’s been such a wonderful whirlwind of an experience and he gets cuter by the minute. (Check out my Instagram feed if you want an abundance of cuteness.)

I’m starting to give this blog a much-needed makeover and replace the prompts with images to improve sharing options (particularly for Pinterest), and it’s honestly a fun process. I’m revisiting old prompts and creating new ideas, which was the exact purpose of this project.

I’m also testing out different methods of making images (InDesign and Gimp) and learning about programs that can improve traffic to the site (Tailwind and BoardBooster to be specific,but I’m also reconnecting to the Facebook page). Hopefully once the dust settles these potentially inspiring tidbits will reach a wider audience!

So, to get back in the swing of things, here is the very long overdue prompt 33!

Much love,



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Writer, blogger, wife, and mom from Central Texas. Lover of all things geeky, sugary, and caffeinated. And pandas. Especially pandas.

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