Writing Prompt 19

For those of you who are interested, Camp NaNoWriMo has officially started for the month of July!

One of the great things about Camp is that you can pick your own word count goal; you don’t have to reach 50k if you don’t want to, or you can go completely above & beyond by setting an even higher goal. It is completely your choice! Personally, I like to treat it as my teaser to the full-fledged NaNoWriMo in November. It’s a great time to remind yourself that yes, you can in fact write that much that quickly.

Additionally, this Saturday is Independence Day! For the US, July 4th is meant to be a celebration of freedom. However, this weeks’ prompt is inspired by a show I’ve been watching, Ascension, which challenges what freedom means:

Imagine you weren’t free, not entirely. Imagine you were in captivity, perhaps without even knowing it. Imagine you have never actually seen the moon or the stars or anything else we currently take for granted. Now, describe the experience of escaping, of seeing those things for the first time.

The series seems like a sci-fi version of The Truman Show, which I also enjoyed. I find it interesting to take a step back from normal life and think about what it would be like to realize none of it is real–or at least not as real as we expect.

These topics of “are we really free” and “what is ‘real'” lend themselves to a myriad of tangents, but for now, let’s focus on that one end-result: what would it be like to see something for the first time that is currently shrugged off?

Happy writing and see y’all next week!


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