Today was my last day at one of my jobs. As much as I loved my co-workers there, I’ll be starting a new career on Monday that I’m confident will be amazing. So, for the next three days, I’m unemployed!

Sort of 🙂

I’m still wrapped up in (and very much enjoying) my internship. While in the beginning stages, the internship has already taught me quite a bit, and I’m getting more and more excited about it each day.

Additionally, I’ll be celebrating my birthday this weekend. I have mixed feelings of “Yay!” and “Yay?” about that one. Either way, I’m only getting older, so all the plans I have for my life are starting to be thrown into perspective… Primarily the one that results in a house by the beach. 😉

Dreams offer this wonderfully positive kind of uncertainty to life, which I think is essential for progress. If we don’t have something to work toward, why would we bother to work at all? So, in honor of this dream, please enjoy a picture of my favorite beach on this planet (as far as I know) for prompt #17: St. Malo, France.

St. Malo

Photo by GK Dyson Photography

I hope y’all find it as inspiring as I do. The beach, city, and country are just stunning.

Happy writing and never stop dreaming!




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