The Girl with the Flower (Response to 8)

This week, things are a bit different.

I completed the prompt, but I did so using a character I’m currently working into a novel. Because I’m a paranoid little thing, her story is going to need to stay private for now…

I normally try not to do this considering I really enjoy being about to post a bit about what I write to this site, but this week I wanted to focus on that novel more than anything else. Additionally, I didn’t want to just write up some poor excuse for a response in its place because I knew my heart wouldn’t be in it.

I will, however, divulge that I chose to use the thistle flower as my inspiration.



According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, the thistle symbolizes nobility. Naturally, I used it to be a catalyst for my young character to confront her royal heritage. Not the most original idea, perhaps, but it fits with what I needed. 🙂

As usual, I will have a new prompt up tomorrow for this next week. Maybe next Wednesday I’ll be able to post something up here for everyone to enjoy!

Happy writing!


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