Writing Prompt 8

Sorry again for the delay!

This week the prompt is going to require a little research, but it’s something I put into practice pretty regularly:

1. Pick a flower, any flower. Could be your favorite, your friend’s favorite, one you happened to see on the drive home today, whatever catches your fancy.

2. Research what that flower represents (for example: roses usually symbolize love, daisies = innocence, and so forth).

3. Write a backstory for a character that either embodies or lacks that quality. Be as detailed as possible. BONUS: Include the flower in your story! 😀

I like this one because it leaves something up to chance. Too often I find myself overwhelmed trying to think of every little detail about every little thing, so sometimes I enjoy bringing a little randomness to an otherwise over-thought process. Letting a flower or gemstone do the hard part (picking just ONE trait) for me makes things go a bit quicker.

This is a trick that can be used both for existing characters and for brand new ones. Either way, it can help you get to know the character’s personality a bit better and see what exactly makes them tick!

See y’all next week!

Love, Junebug


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