No post yesterday because I continued writing my pirate story while on vacation in Nassau 🙂

What’s funny, though, is we did actually find a corked bottle floating in the sea. Alas, it only had sand inside, no letter or treasure map… Maybe next time.

Overall, I had an incredible trip, and fortunately we got to see the pirate and historical society museums downtown, so I could do a bit of research! My fascination with Anne Bonny and Mary Read just intensified as we explored.

However, here’s a new prompt for this week to get back into the swing of things.

In honor of the Twitter Fiction Fest that’s going on now:

If you really want a challenge, try writing a short story in only 140 characters.

I’d also recommend heading over to Twitter to follow the festival as it unravels. There are a bunch of amazing authors participating and it’s sure to be interesting to see what they wrote!

See y’all next week.

Love, Junebug


Have a prompt idea you want to see here? Send it on over and it could be featured!


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