Hail to the Queens (Response to 6)

I tried, I really did, but beavers in space just wouldn’t happen for me this round.

Instead, I found myself writing about creatures that have long fascinated me: ants. One thing I find particularly interesting about ant colonies is that they are matriarchal. Having been raised in a patriarchy, I enjoy thinking about what the world would be like if things were reversed… even all my imagining is through the eyes of ants. 😉

Anyway, enjoy a little snippet now and get ready for a new prompt tomorrow!

The soldiers marched forth from their base, united for the first time. All of the remaining colonies had banded together to face their biggest threat: an evil that had already claimed three colonies among them. Armed forces now strode confidently out onto the terrace. Workers and citizens halted their daily activities to watch from the edges as the army stopped in front of the large platform at the city center. Before them stood their queens, the last six of their kind, publicly assembled to wish their warriors well.

Dorylini, queen to the west and of the largest colony, stepped forward. With her hands clasped together in front of her, she scanned their gathered forces, her expression blank. After some moments of silence, Myrmicini, her sister and queen to the east, stepped to her side.

“Brave ones,” Myrmicini said, “today we have gathered you together to fight the ones who would bring us our end. Our kind have suffered the terror of the winged beasts far too long, but we will endure this terror no longer.” Many of the soldiers stamped their spears at her words, but the queens behind her shared nervous glances. Queen Dorylini raised a palm to the crowd and silence fell.

“We have all lost friends and family, neighbors and loved ones to these monsters.” Myrmicini paused and dipped her head. Dorylini placed a hand on her shoulder. It was no secret that Myrmicini’s king had been among the recent casualties. Those soldiers from her colony – and some soldiers from others – bowed their heads in respect. Though hushed, Myrmicini’s next words resonated within the bodies of every soldier, worker, citizen, and queen. “It is time we took some of theirs.”

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