In accordance with my plan for this blog, we’re going to start off with the prompt with which I’m currently working:

When I post the next prompt, I’ll include at least a snippet of what I did with this one. Feel free to share your results!


Have a prompt idea you want to see here? Send it on over and it could be featured!


2 thoughts on “1

  1. I was obviously not alone. Stifling my rising panic, I remained still with eyes shut, convincing myself that appearing asleep would give me a margin of safety. My mind rapidly evaluated the possible scenarios. Did I leave the front door unlocked? Was someone hiding in my room when I came home? Did I really hear anything at all or am I dreaming? As I lay contemplating my situation, wafting into my uncertainty was a faint and familiar scent. While I couldn’t place where I knew it from, the musky overtones of the smell were comforting. With my confidence bolstered by the aroma I …


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