Why You Should Follow Your Passion (like, NOW)


I’m a new(ish) mom of a happy, healthy, exhausting 10-month-old bundle of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails. His name is Deklin. And he is my everything.

While I was pregnant with D, I was working a night shift for a newspaper conglomerate that had been rough even before I saw the little pink + on a stick. I knew in my gut that going back to work after my leave would likely be the complete end of my sanity after a newborn left it in shreds, so I decided to start looking into self-employment that would enable me to remain at home with my little. I tried Thumbtack, I tried Freelancer, I tried what I thought was the whole gamut of options for a wannabe stay-at-home-mom.

None of them panned out.

With defeat on my mind and a baby on the way, I turned to a dream I’d longed to do for years and never took the time to actually fulfill: I put all of my extra time and energy into my blog.

In my spare time both at work and at home, I was constantly brainstorming prompts for the blog, writing outlines for blog articles, and even forcing my beloved then-coworkers into being my sounding boards for any and every blog-related thought that crossed my mind (Kelly and Mark, I’m sorry for that, but I love y’all!).

The result is a site I’m obsessed with and want. When I decided to set my own deadlines and stick to them, blogging stopped seeming like an obligation, even less like a job, and became an escape. It was based on my passion for writing, and through it that passion has only flourished. I’ve launched into Round 3 of revisions for my first novel, plotted out the remainder of my second, created weekly writing prompts that are seemingly well received on Pinterest, and written more articles than I should have any right to.

I’m having fun.

No, my blog isn’t crazy-successful like some seem to be, but what I get out of it is more than money can buy: fulfillment. And what’s even better is that my little chunky monkey of a kiddo has a momma who is proud of herself. As a parent, being able to show your child that success comes in more forms than money is incredible. It’s a lesson I hope he one day understands, so that he, too, can do what makes him happy, even if it’s only in his spare time.

Transforming this site into something that brings me so much joy makes me only regret not putting this much effort into it sooner. So, go forth dreamers, go forth #Mompreneuers, go forth everyone, and follow that unique creativity within you.

You have so much yet to gain.

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#AmWriting (Response to 12)

This one was a bit of fun for me. I’ve been trying to be more active on Twitter recently (and am now a borderline stalker of the #tenqueries and #amwriting posts, hence the title) and watching authors participate in the Twitter Fiction Festival was very enjoyable.

It’s challenging to imagine experiencing something first-hand by a fictional character and then more so to be limited to only 140 characters to describe it. This is the first time I’ve tried something like this, so it’s definitely rough around the edges, but I think I might try this a bit more often in the future. If nothing else, taking on their voice helps to get to know a character a bit more intimately.

I tried a few short ones, since this is ultimately an experiment, and posted bits of each.

Just be advised: in accordance with Twitter’s format, the following stories happens in reverse, so the first tweet appears at the end of each section.


Macarons in hand. Crisis averted. Time to see the sights, starting with the beach. It may be a brisk 64 degrees, but #wheninrome

All checked in and bags stashed at my bunk. Now where was that sweet shop… #hangry

Finally located the hostel. Actually nothing like I expected. Not terrifying at all. #win

Oh! Found a patisserie I’ll have to try later! Mouth watering at the macarons. #yum

Just got off the train and already lost. At least the scenery is nice. Guess I’ll start walking. #adventure Continue reading


In about five weeks, I’ll have the fortune of visiting one of the most famous pirate playgrounds in history. So, how about a little piracy for prompt 5?

I imagine I’ll have tons to write about on this subject once I see the place in person, but for now I’ll have to make do with research and imagination.

Check back next Wednesday for my response and a week from today for the next prompt!

Happy writing!




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The Travel Writer (Response to 3)

Hope everyone is enjoying Spring Break!

SXSW is going on in my neck of the woods, which would be amazing to attend, but the sheer number of people in attendance (and of course the price tag) have convinced me to enjoy a quiet week close to home. I will say, though, that I envy those who get paid to write about their SXSW experiences. That must be an incredible gig!

Anyway, onto my response to last week’s prompt! There might just be a bit of my past experiences mingling with my wanderlust in this one, but inspiration can come from anywhere. Check back tomorrow for the next prompt!

Another runway. Another baggage claim. Another cab ride. Another hotel. What had once been a delightful and whimsical experience now felt much like a necessary evil. A process. Something redundant, boring, and sometimes (if I was lucky for the change of pace) even frustrating. I had arrived in yet another country. Whoopee.

The back of my head plopped down against the pillow on the double bed. I turned to the left, but the other double was empty, as always. It had been more than a year since another person had joined me on my adventures, but the sting of leaving them behind lingered. Why couldn’t I just settle down like a normal person? I already knew the answer, but it didn’t matter. I couldn’t bring myself to have that internal come-to-Jesus chat just yet.

I unpacked my bags in record time, setting up my home for the next two weeks as comfortably as I could. Then, like always, I grabbed my backpack, stuffed in my camera and notepad, and headed out the door.

I’d never been to Latin America before, but some friends had insisted I take a break from the European wonderland to explore new territory. Clear my head, or something. It’s just what you need. I was pretty sure there’s a pill with the same catch-phrase, but I kept my mouth shut and bought a ticket to Costa Rica. Why not?

What I should have asked myself was why didn’t I do this sooner?

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