31 & 32

Happy October! I’m a big fan of Halloween and have a feeling this year’s will be amazing! I couldn’t help but make one of the prompts a little Halloween-themed.

Once again, however, things have gotten away from me a bit and I owe you lovely writers two prompts for missing last week. Double the fun, right? 🙂

Most novels involving people of power eventually discuss legacies. When a king or queen left the throne, their heir(s) were left with a legacy. Even in modern times, powerful CEOs leave behind legacies for their successor(s). What will your character’s legacy be?

With how much has been going on over here, I’m trying to keep from feeling overwhelmed, but it’s entirely possible that double prompts will appear in somewhat regular frequency for a while. Hope that’s alright!

Happy writing!


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Happy Thursday, everyone!

Hopefully your heroes from last week turned out well and are busy enjoying their superpowers. However, we’re going to turn things on their head for this week and experiment with something a little less cool:

Personally, I think this is a little more challenging. We’re constantly asked “if you could have any superpower what would it be,” but what if you already had a superpower that you didn’t want? It’s time to find out!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day and see y’all next week!


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One of my favorite things to do each year is attend the Texas Renaissance Festival sometime during October/November. It’s an incredibly elaborate village with so much to enjoy including delicious foods (turkey legs and fried alligator!), music, crafts, and shows.

Last year, Husband and I were walking through one of the garden areas when we stumbled upon a fairy dance circle. It was such a joyful sight and we enjoyed watching the little children dancing to the flutes in their little wings.

I’m also writing a renaissance-style novel at the moment, so today I’m using a moment of that event captured through the trees as the week’s inspiration:

20 - Dance of Fairies - 7-10-2015

Photo by GK Dyson Photography

Happy writing!


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#AmWriting (Response to 12)

This one was a bit of fun for me. I’ve been trying to be more active on Twitter recently (and am now a borderline stalker of the #tenqueries and #amwriting posts, hence the title) and watching authors participate in the Twitter Fiction Festival was very enjoyable.

It’s challenging to imagine experiencing something first-hand by a fictional character and then more so to be limited to only 140 characters to describe it. This is the first time I’ve tried something like this, so it’s definitely rough around the edges, but I think I might try this a bit more often in the future. If nothing else, taking on their voice helps to get to know a character a bit more intimately.

I tried a few short ones, since this is ultimately an experiment, and posted bits of each.

Just be advised: in accordance with Twitter’s format, the following stories happens in reverse, so the first tweet appears at the end of each section.


Macarons in hand. Crisis averted. Time to see the sights, starting with the beach. It may be a brisk 64 degrees, but #wheninrome

All checked in and bags stashed at my bunk. Now where was that sweet shop… #hangry

Finally located the hostel. Actually nothing like I expected. Not terrifying at all. #win

Oh! Found a patisserie I’ll have to try later! Mouth watering at the macarons. #yum

Just got off the train and already lost. At least the scenery is nice. Guess I’ll start walking. #adventure Continue reading