In just four short days, my debut novel (and first NaNoWriMo winner)
will be released into the wild!

It’s a short, young adult, science fiction novel that deals with artificial intelligence versus humanity, right versus wrong, and standing up for yourself against the odds.

And to be completely honest, I am beyond nervous.

Publishing this book has been my primary goal for so long now, I fear once it’s out there in the world, for better or worse, I’ll be left empty. It’s my book baby, my heart and soul, the culmination of everything I grew up hoping I could accomplish. It has been my book for four years, and it’s about to be out there for you.

That’s terrifyingly cool.

I am proud to have brought a story this far, and whether it becomes a best-seller or falls completely flat, it’s done.

It’s finally happening.

Without further ado, may I please introduce to you the forthcoming novel, SCINTILLA.

AVAILABLE 3.3.2018

IN PRINT (left) and ON KINDLE (right)

PRE-ORDER THE KINDLE VERSION (& bookmark for print release!)

Now to finish my next novel!


The Importance of Writing Crap

The Importance of Writing Crap

The blank page.

It’s a daunting thing to stare at a blank page and wonder what it should be filled with. Is this going to be a poem? Maybe a novella orlest we dream biga novel of epic proportions? Perhaps simply an article about the act of writing itself?

The possibilities are endless.

So, where do we begin?

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The Girl with the Flower (Response to 8)

This week, things are a bit different.

I completed the prompt, but I did so using a character I’m currently working into a novel. Because I’m a paranoid little thing, her story is going to need to stay private for now…

I normally try not to do this considering I really enjoy being about to post a bit about what I write to this site, but this week I wanted to focus on that novel more than anything else. Additionally, I didn’t want to just write up some poor excuse for a response in its place because I knew my heart wouldn’t be in it.

I will, however, divulge that I chose to use the thistle flower as my inspiration.

Source: Wikipedia.org

Source: Wikipedia.org

According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia, the thistle symbolizes nobility. Naturally, I used it to be a catalyst for my young character to confront her royal heritage. Not the most original idea, perhaps, but it fits with what I needed. 🙂

As usual, I will have a new prompt up tomorrow for this next week. Maybe next Wednesday I’ll be able to post something up here for everyone to enjoy!

Happy writing!

Here there be Pirates! (Response to 5)

And here it is! My response to prompt number 5 and it’s no joke! Here there be pirates 😉

Now that Camp NaNoWriMo has started, I hope you’re all working on your April projects! All it takes is one month and you can turn an idea into a full-length novel! Give it a shot if you haven’t before. If you have, tackle another! You can never write too many books. Just ask James Patterson!

See y’all tomorrow for the next prompt. Happy writing!

Everything was just as it had always been the night the Narcissa burned. No signs of attack, no quarrels in the streets, nothing to suggest the most feared pirate ship in the Caribbean would be engulfed in the very flames she so often bestowed upon her victims.

What followed, however, was just as everyone expected when–barely two days after Narcissa was salvaged for scraps–the Jezebel made berth in Nassau. But I am getting ahead of myself. For the events I describe to resonate, I must first explain how it all began:

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Prompt Plan

I’ve been having a bit of trouble deciding what to do with this blog. I see so many blogs by wonderful people who seem to have it all together, people who just know what the ultimate goal is for their personal-sized soapbox and run with it. Blogs with purpose.

But I have no idea.

Or maybe the problem is that I have too many ideas. I want to talk about games, life, love, movies, writing, the occasional bit of politics and/or social issues, crafts, and a whole host of other things. Try as I may, I can’t seem to narrow my focus down to just one topic. Nothing sticks out as a something I can just make mine or at the very least make my own and feel confident enough about my stance to publicize it.

So, I’m going to start with writing prompts.

One of my fondest memories of my high school Creative Writing class was the little Pocket Muse book my teacher used. I enjoyed the prompts she pulled from there so much that I ended up purchasing my own copy. While I haven’t exactly used many of them for writing since, coming up with little bits of inspiration like the ones in there is fun for me.

Perhaps my prompts can be used to inspire you, oh Mysterious Internet Reader, but at the very least, they’re inspiring to me. In the posts that follow, I’m going to provide the bit of inspiration that I’ll be working with personally at that time. Some may be included in books like Pocket Muse or other sites, but I’m not going to seek them out from anywhere else beyond my own life and experiences. If you see them somewhere else, it’s a happy coincidence unless they or I have specifically noted the other as a source.

Do with them what you will ❤

Obligatory Introductory Post

Hi there. /wave

I figure any halfway decent blog should include an introduction about who is the man (or in this case, woman) behind the curtain, so here’s mine!

I’m a 20-something-year-old female from the giant state of Texas and I’m hoping this blog might be something that will keep me writing. Seeing as the contents of my posts will likely vary, I’m going to try to give a brief overview of what might be in store.

I spend a good deal of my time playing video games on PC and PlayStation. I have previously used PS2 & 3, my beloved old Macbook, XBox360, Nintendo, etc., but my PC and PS4 are currently my primary systems. Now, I might be adding my Surface Pro 3 to that list, but we’ll see. My favorite games include:

  • World of Warcraft (For the Horde!),
  • Kingdom Hearts series,
  • Final Fantasy series,
  • Tomb Raider, and
  • The Sims.

I’m also a TV show junkie (Netflix and Hulu are the best/worst inventions ever). My favorites (in no particular order) are:

  • The West Wing,
  • Battlestar Galactica (2004),
  • House Hunters (regular and international),
  • Lie to Me,
  • Bones,
  • Castle,
  • Chuck,
  • House,
  • Game of Thrones,
  • Dr. Who,
  • and way too many more!

I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Writing and Rhetoric, and I was fortunate enough to attend an incredible publishing program, so if I make a grammatical, syntactical, or various other kind of error, please hold me accountable. I appreciate constructive criticism, but criticism for criticism’s sake will be categorically ignored. And no, the Oxford commas aren’t going anywhere 🙂

Along those same lines, I recently tried my hand at NaNoWriMo this past November and WON! I am ridiculously proud of that accomplishment and of finally being able to cross the #1 item off my bucket list. Feels good, man.

So, welcome to my little corner of the interwebs! Hope y’all enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: I, by no means, claim any expertise on the subject of any games, consoles, writing, TV shows, or other entertainment media. I actually claim no expertise on any subject or thing. All subsequent posts, comments, and opinions posted by myself are my own, battered and broken and wrong as they may be.